Since 1988, we have partnered with Prevent Blindness Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled to solicit, collect and sell usable clothing and household items. For over 30 years, we have helped raise funds for these local Oklahoma non-profit organizations. Our goal is to provide you an easy and reliable way to turn your unwanted household items into needed funds for these outstanding local charities listed above. Your generous donations provide a steady monthly revenue stream that allows the charities to focus less on “fundraising” and more on providing services for people in our community.

Donate and Be Environmentally Friendly

Most of your donated items find a new home with a happy customer in one of our thrift stores. This provides neighbors in our community gently used items at very low prices. Many items that do not sell in the store are sold to companies that ship the items to other countries or are used for industrial rags. This helps keep most of the items out of landfills.

Providing Jobs in the Community

You’re giving directly employs Oklahomans with full and part time jobs that pay much better than average for our industry. All of our management, truck drivers, store personnel and telemarketers live right here in Oklahoma!