How should I package the items?

Please have your items in small to medium sized trash sacks. They must be albe to fit into the drop box door. We accept all types of clothing, shoes and small household items. Please do not include any liquids, food, glass or items which are easily breakalbe.

How can I make a larger donation?

If you have furniture, boxes or other large items and need to schedule a pickup as early as the Next Business Day go to

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! All items donated are deductible for income tax purposes at their present fair market value. Internal Revenue code places the responsibility for estimating this value upon the donor rather than the agency receiving the gift. As with any tax-related information, an individual donor should always consult a tax professional to resolve questions regarding their particular donation. Please consult form 8283 and publication 526 and 561 on the Internal Revenue Service website.

I need a receipt for tax purposes. How do I get one?

You may print a receipt of your donation by clicking here.

What happens with the donated items?

Unlike many organizations where items a sold as rags or shipped overseas, your donations will first be offered for sale in a local Bargain Thrift Store. This provides reasonably priced clothing and household items for people in addition to jobs in the community. Items that do not sell in our stores are then sold as rags.